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we offer a wide variety of food options, including Mediterranean cuisine entrees, mouthwatering pizzas, and authentic Arabic manaeesh. Come and savor the flavors!

Hp - Mediterranean Restaurant Princess Pita
Mediterranean Food

Princess Pita - Mesa

Focus on fresh, well-balanced ingredients, from the olive oil to the colorful produce, makes Mediterranean cuisine both delicious and healthy.

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Mediterranean Food

Princess Pita - Tempe

Wholesome ingredients and cooking styles that exemplifiy how food can provide both enjoyment and health-promoting properties.

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Hp - Pizza Build Apita
Pizza & Manaeesh

Build A Pita

Mediteranean ingredients and Halal food In delecious pizza . Each bite is a symphony of Mediterranean flavors on a crispy crust

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All Those People Like us on Google

19:30 22 May 24
I live an hour away and it’s always worth the drive. Flavor is delicious and always well made.
Shane HitzemanShane Hitzeman
01:30 21 May 24
Carolina RodriguezCarolina Rodriguez
00:54 20 May 24
Megale DavisMeGale Davis
00:09 20 May 24
The food was absolutely amazing! The staff was super friendly and helpful. We had a peach soda that's was absolutely out of this world so we purchased a 6 pack before leaving. We will definitely be back and highly recommend this place if you like authentic Mediterranean food!
Joseph RabonJoseph Rabon
17:33 18 May 24
Stopped in at this place for lunch had the number #4 combo plate it was absolutely amazing plenty of food. The atmosphere was a vibe and the service was 10 /10. After our meal, we got to experience Turkish coffee for the first time and some amazing pistachio baklava.
Melissa HilleboeMelissa Hilleboe
20:53 23 Mar 24
Absolutely delicious!! Looking for a place to get a gyro, we stumbled across Princess Pita and I’m so glad we did! Quick service, lots of seating both inside and outside, and amazing food!
Mark HerzogMark Herzog
01:32 17 Feb 24
Food was outstanding! Everything tasted great! Staff was super kind and welcoming. Absolutely love this restaurant! If you’re in PHX, you should 100% eat here!
Miguel RosasMiguel rosas
15:40 30 Dec 23
I love the shawarma here!! Everything is so delicious!! The rice was Al dente perfectly cooked! The hummus was probably the best I’ve ever had!! The chicken was amazing so perfectly tender. This particular location also has a grocery store inside. One stop shop! I’m a fan of princess Pita Mediterranean restaurant!! They have multiple locations check them out!!
Anamika KalamAnamika Kalam
03:47 08 Dec 23
I tried the trio kabab platter, lentil soup, and pistachio baklava. All was good except maybe the chicken kabob is a bit dry/overcooked. The hummus was excellent. Salad was fresh. I would recommend this place! Try the pistachio baklava. I didn’t really like the cashew (circle shape) because it was mostly pastry and barely tasted like anything else. Overall service was fast too. Give this place a try 🙂

Chef's Special

Mediterranean restaurant beyond the boundaries
Hp - Catering

Cater & Chill with Friends and Family

Enjoy a delightful Mediterranean feast with family and friends, tailored to make your special occasion unforgettable.

Convenient Locations

we are always nearby to meet your needs. Visit us today for exceptional service! We are a Mediterranean restaurant, grocery store, and deli dedicated to Mediterranean food serving Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, and the Phoenix area.

Mesa Restaurant

From juicy beef and lamb to a combination of mouthwatering spices. Greek food cuisine is one-of-a-kind

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Mesa Market

Princess Market stocks a full line of Mediterranean groceries, including cheeses, olives, spices, dates, and grape leaves, along with halal meats such as lamb, goat, beef, and chicken to take home.

Tempe Build A Pita

Discover our new Mediterranean-inspired pizza, conveniently located near ASU. Perfect for students and faculty craving delicious, customizable options!

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Tempe Restaurant

Wholesome ingredients and cooking styles. Serving Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix

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What is Mediterranean food?

The Mediterranean diet and cuisine is known for its potential health benefits and emphasis on fresh, nutrient-rich foods. Characterized by fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, olive oil, fish, herbs, and spices, Mediterranean cuisine prioritizes wholesome, minimally processed ingredients.

The abundance of plant foods provides antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Olive oil delivers healthy fats and flavor, while moderate amounts of dairy, fish, poultry and legumes contribute protein.

The Mediterranean lifestyle couples this diet with regular physical activity. Studies link the Mediterranean eating pattern to reduced cardiovascular diseases. Its focus on fresh, well-balanced ingredients, from the olive oil to the colorful produce, makes Mediterranean cuisine both delicious and healthy.

The flavors represent the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, blending Greek, Italian, Spanish and Middle Eastern influences.

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20 Years serving the community in Phoenix Metro area

20 años sirviendo a la comunidad en el área metropolitana de Phoenix



We are a mediterranean restaurant, grocery and deli dedicated to Mediterranean and Greek food serving Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, and the Phoenix area.

We are Proud of being a family business that treats all guests like part of the family.
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